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In the green heart of the province Verona lies the famous wine area Valpolicella. Here, in the extending and sloping hills with farmlands, forests, ancient trails trough nature and close to historic Verona, at 350 m lies our picturesque Agriturismo Altobello, where an atmosphere of natural sounds and perfumes reigns over the air daily .

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In the room there is also an area designated  for a small library with abundant information about the area and itineraries.We also accept books which you may wish to be used by other guests.


In our Agriturismo Altobello, a restructured barn and hayloft where originality of forms and structure have been preserved, we offer the best of farmhouse hospitality. All rooms have a private bathroom and are furnished to provide for your desired comfort. Our rooms--> 


A very appreciated room in our accommodation is our kitchen / bar / meeting area. Here our guests may receive their own guests and friends and use the kitchen facilities to prepare a meal, have teas or coffees.                            bike2

At the Agriturismo Altobello you relax and are pampered by the full beauty and essence of nature, her sounds and fragrant smells.  After you have recovered from your trip to our Agriturismo Altobello try one of our itineraries through the hills, a horseback ride, an invigorating ride on your mountain bike, a few hours of orienteering or,  on request, a guided tour of our beautiful area and historic places in the vicinity. Itineraries and orienteering maps are at your disposal when you arrive. All activities 
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Agriturismo Altobello Verona Italy horse riding

Prices A double room, breakfast included, - starts from -  € 38 per person per night.

We have special prices for families, groups or long stays. Do not hesitate to write us,  we will respond quickly.

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Special offers

Free services

- The kitchen is equipped with electric oven,  microwave, dishwasher,

fridge, kettle, crockery and other necessities.

 - At the bar there is always the whole day bottled water, tea,

chamomile tea and coffee at your disposal.

- Free wi-fi

- Ample parking

- Wake-up service

- We are always available for any variability in

Check-in/check-out times                                                                                                             

Services on request 

Car rental

- Horseback riding

- Bicycle tours

- Hiking

- Personalized holiday with tourist information and maps of the territory

Other services nearby:

- Automatic laundry,


- Restaurant, trattoria or pizzeria with typical local foods, wineries,


- Supermarket, organic supermarket, pharmacy, hospital,


- tennis,


- Ancient church with frescoes

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Agriturismo Altobello Verona B&B

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Agriturismo Altobello Verona Veneto Italy breakfast

 In the morning Breakfast, abundant, included in the room rate, is served  with a smile in a casual country style. The products are mainly of own or local  production and preparation, as our honey. On request  breakfast  with gluten-free or organic foods is served.

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 Agriturismo-Altobello-Verona-sala-nuova-verde e
 The new breakfast room
Common areas highly appreciated by our guests is the kitchen where you spend pleasant hours in good company with a tea, herbal tea or a glass of wine from Verona.
 There are other useful free services such as:
  - The angle of the chatter and music where you will find at your disposal tea, herbal tea, coffee, camomile, water and a nice guitar for the atmosphere.                            Verona Agriturismo Altobello Breakfast colazione

 Coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, cocoa cream, cereals, yogurt, mountain butter, fresh bread, wholemeal toast, biscuits, jam, honey ivy own produced, eggs, bacon, ham, extra virgin olive oil own produced, pie, sbrisolona cake (with almonds), apple pie, pies, fruit salad, strawberries, following the seasons acacia flowers fried from our wood, zucchini cake and ivy honey, cake with chocolate and radicchio Verona, croutons with dandelion from Bosco Altobello, composed of lemon, caviar of the poors with eggplant and capers, ... 

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Farmhouse Agriturismo Altobello B&B is pleased to offer you genuine products for breakfast, from our land and from Bosco Altobello
We are beekeepers graduates. We produce an  healthy wildflower honey characterized by the prevalence of nectar and pollen collected by bees from the flowers of the ivy
 We cultivate an olive grove of nearly 300 trees to obtain an italian and healthy extra virgin olive oil and table olives, various fruit trees: cherries, blackberries, pears, lemons, prickly pears, almonds, persimmons, pomegranates, marascone (a variety of cherry, bigger, slightly tart flavor), raspberries.
From the woods: acacia flowers, dandelion, rose hips, chestnuts, walnuts, elderflower, sgrinzoli, wild garlic, bruscandoli (hops), strawberry, mallow, nettle, holly, wild rocket
Elderberries, on the background the little donkey Giulia
 Herbs from lawn and terraces built with dry stone walls: rosemary, lavender, calamintha, sage, lemon mint, delicate mint, white pepper
Some small animals for always fresh eggs

We will advise you the best local producers for tastings of excellent quality.
The brothers Pier Paolo and Stefano Antolini cultivate their lands in the beautiful hills of Valpolicella. From their own vineyards, with passion, they produce excellent Valpolicella, Valpolicella Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto result of the doctrine agronomic studies joined to the lore of ancient winemakers.
 They don't use chemical herbicides, as in the organic method they use copper and sulfur and for three years they have been participating in the biotechnological method called mating disruption to promote less use of chemical insecticides as possible.
For our guests we organize tastings at the Antolini winery : Pier Paolo and his wife Michela will receive you in their tasting rooms, will involve you with the fragrance, colors and  flavors of their famous wines, you'll return home carrying a bit of Valpolicella forever with you.

In the heart of the mountains of Verona there is the plateau of Lessinia full of valleys, rolling grassy peaks and canyons, called vajWe suggest to our guests beautiful walks in this area full of history and fossils fishes, shells and plants. Do not miss to visit the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia.
 The Lessinia beer was born from painstaking research of local products of two friends who love travel by bicycle; encloses the magic of the area, recalls the gentle hills, the stream, the woods. It's a beer capable of surprising for its freshness and authenticity, a perfect match for snacks in Agriturismo Altobello, in a casual country style, predominantly with own or locally food production and preparation .
 Agriturismo Altobello Verona Birra Lessinia

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Food Events in Verona
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What could I try to do in the hill at the Agriturismo Altobello today?

When booking the room please specify which services you are interested in. All the services are subject to confirmation.


The Agriturismo Altobello offers  variegated  possibilities of activity to  choose among   horseback riding,  trekking, mountan bike, Orienteering,  Nordic Walking, Bird  Watching,  Volleyball, Turnball (Volleyball and Turnball are for free and don't need to be booked).

Weather forecast, Maps and information on the territory always to your disposition.On request, guided naturalistic excursions.


The speedball, or turnball, is an individual sport originally designed for tennis players to train the beginners: you can play with racket and ball; you can play alone (super-only), between two players (singles), or two teams of two players (double).    

        The vacation in mountain bike


 The Agriturismo Altobello and the stately Altobello's Wood, are good base of departure for excursions in mountain bike both for beginners and for more experienced bikers, between woods and paths.

The area offers historical cycle paths rich of emotions including the European path E5.

Variegated possibilities of cycle footsteps that will make you visit the Valpolicella, the Torricelle or to reach the Lake of Garda.


Enjoy traveling by bike or mountain bike, meeting new people, and having qualified and expert guides and structured daily programs. Hotel certified FIAB Albergabici.
Discover the beautiful historic city of Verona, the rich hills of Valpolicella, the blue of Lake Garda, the famous Lessinia Park, the beautiful Valpantena, the elegant Park Sigurtà, the waterfalls of Molina or choose a route dedicated to Veronese wines. Every day from Farmhouse Altobello discovering new unforgettable landscapes for a real vacation of culture and wellbeing.

frecciaverde-arancio Verona Bike Tour land of oil and wine 



Some conveniences reserved for you bikers that you will find to the Agriturismo Altobello:

Special Menù for Breakfast strengthened for your vital energy.

Bike room
You can bring your bike both in your room or in a private and sure place, situated to the plan buried of the lodgings.
Lockers and personal padlocks in the deposit area  Mtb - on request.
Zone washing Mtb, service laundromat.
Service shower, at departure, and deposit baggages.
Presser air for the correct pressure of the tires.Free Bike
Free Wi - Fi Free Internet Access
Bulletins meteo and forecasts of the time. Free maps to every bikers.
Bicycles for  free - on request
Bicycles to rental - on request
Agriturismo Altobello is an attested structure Albergabici 
       Agriturismo Altobello Verona bike Room  Targa-Albergabici


orienteering bussola cartina

orienteering aprile 2012 070  orienteering aprile 2012 013  orienteering aprile 2012 034  orienteering aprile 2012 068


la sparasina - copia di sparasina     cuculo     Agriturismo Altobello Verona api miele

 Horse Riding

Copia di Agriturismo-Altobello-maneggio-Vito-Verona-Panorama

                                                                                                          frecciaverde-arancio Maneggio Vito Salvia


Fieracavalli Verona 5/8 Novembre 2015      Contact Us

Excursions on horseback from one or more hours.  

Availability of carriages for events and touristic tours in Verona.


cavalliPanoramaFiori  fieracavalli-verona


 Walking or Nordic Walking






Where to climb this summer?

Discover our shady and breezy hill!

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frecciaverde-arancio  Other events in Agriturismo Altobello

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